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Higher Baud QGC Communication

42 seconds

If you would like a higher baudrate connection through QGC or Mission Planner, you will need to turn off the Teal software on the TX1 that communicates with the flight controller and modify the socat script.

1. Connect a computer to the drone’s wifi.

2. Open up a SSH session on port 22.

User Name: tealdrone

Password: teamteal

3. Turn off tealflightd.service with

sudo systemctl disable tealflightd.service

4. Modify the socat startup script with

sudo nano /opt/teal/sbin/

5. Replace the socat command with this:

sudo /usr/bin/socat -d -d UDP-LISTEN:14550 /dev/ttyTHS2,nonblock,raw,echo=0,waitlock=/var/run/ttyLock,min=0,crtscts=1,b921600

After you do that, the Teal phone apps won’t be able to fly the drone anymore, but the connection to QGC or Mission Planner will be faster.

Undo the commands and re-enable tealflightd.service to fly with the phone again.

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